Jeff offers his services to all artist on major and independent labels. Jeff is widely known in the industry for his attention to detail. Jeff’s extensive experience,trained ears and techniques makes him invaluable asset to any producer, artist, band, songwriter or project.

Services include:


Mixing/Online Mixing

Digital Editing

  • clean up audio tracks by removing mistakes and transient noises
  • fade ins/outs
  • slow and speed arrangements

Vocal Tuning

  • correct any vocal performance where pitch was not quite on
  • align backing vocals for tight performances
  • soften any harsh sibilance or noisy plosives

Mix tape mixes

  • mixing vocals to a 2 track instrumental
  • applying effects, levels and panning
  • processing final mix


  • consult you on the best possible direction of what you would like to accomplish during recording, mixing, and editing according to budget.
  • Help you find original music for your project.