Jeff offers his services to all artists on major and independent labels. Jeff is widely known in the industry for his attention to detail. Jeff’s extensive experience, trained ears, and techniques make him an invaluable asset to any producer, artist, band, songwriter or project.

Services include:

Studio Recording / Live Mobile Recording / Online Recording

  • The mobile recording can be used to suit most performance capturing needs. Concerts, theatre shows, live studio recordings (DVD), school plays, and even corporate conferences and meetings can be recorded by means of studio-quality equipment.
  •  A cost-effective software solution, that enables users located thousands of miles apart to connect and interact as if they were in the same room with low latency and uncompressed high-quality audio.

Mixing/Online Mixing

Audio Pre/ Post Production Services

  • Pre-production services are more focused on the conceptualization, tailoring, and design of music from its infancy. An example of this kind of work includes song arrangement, sound design, and overall shaping of existing repertoire in the case of bands, ensembles, and artists.
  • Post-production services are focused on projects intended for the film and broadcast industry. Examples of such work include the synchronization of audio to video for purposes of DVD production and TV broadcasts.
  • Sound design and original composition are generally applicable to radio and television strings, jingles, and advertisements

Vocal Tuning

  • correct any vocal performance where the pitch was not quite on
  • align backing vocals for tight performances
  • soften any harsh sibilance or noisy plosives


  • consult you on the best possible direction of what you would like to accomplish during recording, mixing, and editing according to budget.
  • Help you find original music for your project.